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This two day Masterclass will explore the world of directing an independent feature film.

We will look at elements from the development stage all the way through to the mix and final delivery.


The development stage;

  • Establishing a working relationship with the Producer

  • The script – working with the writer – polishing the script.

  • Director’s ‘Vision’ for the film.

  • Casting, best practices and spotting good actors. 

  • The rehearsal process and getting the best performances from the talent.


Then understanding the dynamics of the crew:

  • DOP, how to choose one

  • Which camera to use?

  • The lenses?

  • What sound?

  • First AD, friend or foe?


How do you set up the film? 

  • Locations and how to find them?

  • Building the sets

  • Effective communication with the crew

  • The need for shot lists

The Shoot

  • The schedule .. keeping to it

  • Performance … keeping the actor’s energy inspired

  • Communicating creatively with the actors

  • Dealing with Issues .. thinking out the box


Post production,  how to remain creative throughout the process.

  • Relationship with your editor and how best to work together?

  • Sound effects versus music – working together or fighting each other?

  • Mixing, who knows best?

  • Final Mix  … is everyone happy?

  • What format is best; 7.1, 5.1, or Stereo?

  • ‘Delivery’ - understanding what you need to leave with.

Register now! We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and registration is open. Places are limited and fill very quickly, sign up to get priority booking.

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