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Shoot It

Filmmaking in Virtual Reality

Who you will learn from

You’ll work with the best talent,  top Hollywood  filmmakers and instructors in the film and web video industries.

Our A-List Professionals

Have worked on high level projects, films such as  Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters, Spielberg films and with companies, Sony, Universal, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Lionsgate, HBO, Netflix and more... 

What you will learn

Filmmaking, New Media, how to create it, monetize it, and make a career for yourself.

We will teach you all aspects of how to make films in VR.

Learn in a real Studio

Imagine being in a Live studio setting in Hollywood and learning from top Hollywood professionals. You can learn and create anything you can imagine.

How you will learn

Students will join our Live VR classrooms from anywhere in the world you want.  You will interact with the teachers and other students in real time in VR.

Hands on Approach

 Every student will get true

hands on Knowledge.

Our live instructors will guide you through the entire programme. With a mix of VR and live Zoom sessions.

No Pre-recorded videos!

Watch our video

Demo now!

You’ll work with the best talent. The top Hollywood and London filmmakers and instructors in the film and web video industries. Virtual Film School is film school reimagined for the next generation of filmmakers, content creators and influencers from anywhere in the world.

We’re building a community where smart, driven people can work together to create diverse stories that have never been told before. No need to relocate or leave friends, family, and resources behind. We will help develop your career in the Film and Media industry by gaining access to key knowledge, individuals, training and networks from the experts who are active in the industry. Get inspired today and contact us!

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Internet Stardom Bootcamp:

Insider Secrets to Web Video Production, Distribution and Monetisation

Nowadays, just about everyone wants to become a YouTube star. But there are over 800 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, so how can you possibly get discovered? Here’s how, join our 2-day intro to New Media video creation and monetisation course with an emphasis on comedy! 


This class details how to make videos and video series that generate so much excitement, your bodyguard will need a bodyguard.  


This is our most popular course at Virtual Film School in content creation, production, distribution, and marketing.


It's a sampler course, featuring the most important elements of the full curriculum offered at Virtual Film School. From brainstorming cool concepts to building your personal brand and cashing in on paid distribution opportunities, learn how NOT to get lost in the vast wasteland of crap that gets uploaded to YouTube every minute. 


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Provide your contact information and we will contact you when courses additional courses begin. All courses can be taken individually, or as part of a bachelor’s degree program in New Media. Accredited with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

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