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This masterclass will look into the world of documentaries. We will explore all the stages in making your own documentary, what is needed, access to information, the range of budgets and how to sell them.  Topics covered will explore where do idea's come from and how to gain access to information for your film?  Gathering resources to support your topics and themes. Interviews, stock footage, the script and much more. Elements needed to tell a compelling story and engage your audience with a well narrated documentary film.  Other topics include, funding your documentary, how to sell and market the film and delivery avenues. 

Our panel will consist of experienced documentary producers who will take the class through all the stages to get them going on there own documentary film. 


Register now! We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and registration is open.  Places are limited and fill very quickly, sign up to get priority booking.








“Write, produce and edit your first documentary”

This creative filmmaking course will allow students to complete a documentary from start to finish and deliver the film for broadcast. Your challenge throughout the course will be to research, shoot and edit your very own short documentary. The students will be working in groups and be responsible for delivering a completed documentary under the guidance of our expert documentary filmmakers.

The Film Media Network will produce a documentary series with the students with a view to be broadcasted on Television / VOD platforms and go through the process of selling to market.  Each student will be responsible to deliver one episode of the documentary in the series. Students will receive an on screen episode producer credit for their work on the documentary episode.

During the course you will explore the rich genre of documentary film, developing a greater understanding of the form and documentary filmmaking techniques. You’ll then learn practical filmmaking skills on the job, as you and your classmates form a production crew, to gain maximum experience.



The course culminates in the production of your own documentary film.This course is all practical and not learning from a book, you will be assigned a topic from the start of the course and learn from producing it!

Documentary Filmmaking Master Class is an intensive, practical course that  gives you the fundamental filmmaking skills and focuses on the challenges of the documentary genre, such as working with people and filming reality.

  • Practical: The instructors will assign the students a topic to develop into a documentary as part of the documentary series to be included in other episodes produced by students in the same class. 

  • Planning and controlling your productions: working with real subjects and people. How to plan and get the most out of interview subjects, considering production issues such as concept development, how to research and plan documentaries, developing the topic, writing a proposal, creating a treatment, storyboarding and creating a convincing narrative.

  • Team Work: Students will learn to work within their own team, whilst filming their episode, as well collaborate with other teams to deliver a final episode within the series. Share your knowledge, discuss your experience and exchange ideas with your classmates to receive valuable feedback from like-minded documentary filmmakers.

  • Documentary skills: Explore and practice the social aspects of documentary making, learn how to build trust with your crew and the people you film. The lead producers/instructors will mentor students at every step and offer support from idea, pre-production, production, Post Production and delivery.

  • Filmmaking skills: Instructors from all aspects of documentary and production will guide the students in a series of workshops and numerous exercises to turn knowledge into practical experience, allowing you to produce and direct your own documentary. Learn the fundamental technical and creative skills to deliver your film from start to finish, such as concept development, camera operating, lighting, sound recording and editing. Technical aspects of screen content creation: camera, lighting, editing, sound and post production.

  • Delivering to your audience: Learn how to package, market and complete your film for sales, broadcast. Learn the business of marketing, promotion and making money from you film. Students will be tasked to create a marketing campaign to attract promotion and audience to your compelling film.

  • Topics and Themes: The topics and themes for the documentary series and episodes will be centered around the values of health and food welfare, food sustainability, food education, natural living and general welfare of human consumption. We have chosen topics that are all of particular interest to maintaining a healthy and informed lifestyle with a view of consumer awareness for the better.

  • Delivering your Documentary: The final stages of your film, working with the editing team, post production and process to complete the final episode for delivery. Understanding the legal and business aspects of Documentary filmmaking and delivering to your audience.


Register now! We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and registration is open.  Places are limited and fill very quickly, sign up to get priority booking.

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