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Acting needs dedication, hard work, focus and lots of determination. This workshop is designed to give an insight into what is required to be a film actor.


It will take place over two days and will be practical and knowledge based -  and it will be intense !


In this weekend's intensive workshop, actors will learn how to handle film scripts, break down scenes, develop monologues and use improvisation to develop their skills.

The on-camera section of the class will focus on strengthening performances and working with confidence in front of the camera during filming. You will learn specific techniques to help deliver consistent performances needed for multi take blocking. Part of this course will teach you ‘on set protocol’ to help you understand and feel more confident with what happens on set.


It will also teach film knowledge on set, to help the actor feel more confident and help understand what happens on set. Each actor should bring a self tape or show reel  lasting  no more than three minutes.

Learning goals for all participants:

• Explore and learn the principles of acting technique for film

• Understand how to break down a scene and analyse a character

• Recognise the differences between film acting and stage performance

• Become familiarised with the techniques of performance on a film set

• Learn how to prepare for and present yourself for auditions

• Begin to understand the business side of the industry

• learn how to effectively market yourself better


Performance goals for all participants:

• Perform scenes with different actors, to be critiqued in masterclass

• Break down, analyse and rehearse a monologue and perform it for the rest of    

   the masterclass

• Rehearsed and filmed clips to be analysed and critiqued in the masterclass.

This Masterclass in Film Acting will enable you to come away with tools, techniques and skills needed to master that key role!


Register now! We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and registration is open.  Places are limited and fill very quickly, sign up to get priority booking.

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