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This Masterclass explores the potential routes to finance your film.  The panel will consist of producers, film investors and film accountants.  With an in-depth first hand knowledge from industry experts, this masterclass will give you the tools to help you get your film funded.


A film accountant will discuss how SEIS and EIS can help to attract funding, the requirements and pitfalls. The new regulations that will affect whether your film achieves EIS pre- approval. We will discuss how Film tax credits work both in the UK and around the world, and how this can potentially help finance your film. Who discounts these credits and how that works, and we will explore the latest additions to film finance, including crowd funding - how it works and can it work for your film? Budgets and budget levels will be discussed. 


The producer will outline the process of "closing financing" from start to finish, including the "The film business plan and pitch"  the "Finance Plan" including budget considerations.  Pre-sales, gap, debt and equity will all be explained as a route to closing the budget. Detailed information will be discussed on the type of documents that are needed to give potential investors the interest to invest.  We will explore in detail the range of documents needed to interest and excite the investors and explain how to mitigate some of the perceived risk. 


Our guest "Investor" will discuss what they look for in solid film investment pitch and project. They will also be actively looking for projects to invest in and engage will our class members to discuss their film projects and how attractive their investment/s may be for them or their investors network. 

You will come away from this Masterclass with a solid knowledge and know how to get your film funded. 


Register now! We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and registration is open.  Places are limited and fill very quickly, sign up to get priority booking.

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