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Masterclass in Screenwriting


This Masterclass offers an introduction to getting started on your script and a career in writing.  Learn from writers who are in the industry, writing and selling their scripts.  Topics covered in the Masterclass include, generating ideas, the fundamentals of writing for screen, from the first idea to the final draft. 


You will learn how to approach story, how to write characters and dialogue and how to structure your ideas into a fully-fledged screenplay. We will explore the journey from writing a treatment to securing a literary agent.  


Topics include:

  • How to tell a story cinematically

  • Building your narrative with structural analysis

  • Plot, structure, creating characters and narrative

  • Comprehensive story breakdown using clips from existing films

  • Developing your characters, dialogue and subtext

  • Script doctoring for existing story ideas

  • Formatting your screenplay

  • How to sell your screenplay and supporting material

Sign up and register your interest in the class now. We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and places will be open to register.  Places are limited and fill up very fast, sign up to get priority when places open.

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