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The ‘Short Film’ Masterclass will give you an overview of making your short film.

  • Can you be the producer and the director at the same time?

  • How do you come up with the right idea?

  • How long should a short be?

  • What is the best genre? Is there a best genre?

  • How do I write the script or find a writer?

The script is the blueprint for your short, it is the director’s job to interpret the script tell the story and bring it to life. We will explore techniques to help you achieve this.

  • What cast do you need?

  • How do I find Actors? 

  • Where do you shoot it?

  • How do you shoot it?

Then it needs the money to make it, the budget.

  • How do you budget your film?

  • How do you find the finance?

  • Are there grants to help?

Once you’ve got to that stage then you have to put the film together.

  • How do you find a DOP?

  • How do you work with the DOP?

  • What camera?

  • What lenses?

  • How do you put together a shot list.

  • Who is recording the sound?

  • How do you cast your actors

  • What is the best way to rehearse the actors and block the scenes?

  • Editing … the cheapest and most creative way to edit

  • Sound effects and music .. how do you find these elements?

  • Putting the final mix together, what should your priority be?

  • What do you need to output as your final film, what are the technical options?

  • Once the film is finished should I show it at film festivals and which ones?


You will come away with the overview of a blueprint to make your short and ways to start actually shooting it. This Masterclass is over two days.

Register now! We will notify you when we have scheduled the Masterclass and registration is open.  Places are limited and fill very quickly, sign up to get priority booking.

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