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Isabella Marchese Ragona


Isabella is the founder of Moving Pictures Media. She is the driving force behind the production company. With over 25 years in the field of Film, TV and Media, she has taken on roles as Producer, Executive Producer, Director, and Writer. Involved in various projects that range from Feature Films, Television programmes, Multimedia, Documentary films and more. She has developed and worked on award winning national and international Programmes, Documentary, T.V. /Film and Marketing projects for networks and studios across the Globe.

Her credits are impressive, and include a variety of produced programming and marketing 360 campaigns for major T.V. network’s, and agency’s such as BBC, MTV, VIACOM, HBO, NBC, ABC, Universal, Warner Bros, Global Canwest, Sun Television-Quebecor media, Corus Entertainment Networks, Discovery Channel, Publicis Groupe, AKA, DMS, Saatchi & Saatchi and with her remit to cross collateralize IP’s and brands with film/TV, managing projects across all regions.

Isabella is also founder of “The Moving Pictures Film school, a film school that focuses on advanced filmmaking masterclasses and courses, and VR learning. She is also the founder of the “Moving Pictures Cinema”, a Boutique cinema in London, showcasing new release’s, arthouse films, film premieres and events.

Her Impressive film credits include: “McQueen” The feature Documentary that has been nominated for two Bafta’s. Released by Lionsgate. “Forsaken” a Western starring Kiefer and Donald Sutherland, Demi Moore, (Release by Universal Pictures /EONE). The Recall, Starring Wesley Snipes. A Sci-Fi film entitled “Stranded” starring Christian Slater. A drama entitled “Traveller” starring David Essex and Billy Cook. A Physiological thriller “Dawn” starring Edward Hogg. “Shay Cullen a Life Story” a feature documentary starring Martin Sheen and featuring the music of Bono (U2). She is currently working on Moving Pictures Media’s aggressive slate of films, that will be rolling out over the coming years.

Isabella Marchese Ragona
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