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Lionel Simons

Business Development/Funding

Lionel Simons heads up the film business division, creating/developing a global corporate structure for investors. Based in the Los Angeles office, Lionel spreads his time mainly in USA and Europe utilizing opportunities across the global, by bringing in structured finance to be utilized for all film and digital activities within Moving Pictures Media.
Lionel is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has an MBA from Columbia University in New York. As a serial entrepreneur he has been involved in a broad array of industries including Film, Media, computers, medical diagnostic and environmental technologies. For many years he served on the Environmental Industries Commission in the UK and was a world leader in patented NOX reduction technology aimed at reducing pollution and emissions from vehicles. As a skilful market researcher he was able to develop market concepts into successful enterprises and run large operations from 400 to 1,000 employees.
In recent years Mr. Simons has focused on skills and technology transfer between the UK and the US putting technology developers and commercial opportunities together for the purpose of building the structure then funding the venture. He has recently focused on developing new movie set location lighting technology and providing funding and business planning in the movie production industry. Lionel brings entrepreneurship experience and valuable global contacts to these ventures.

Lionel Simons
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