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Tony Shergill

Executive Producer

Tony Shergill is a media industry professional with over 25 years’ experience across broadcast, technology, business development and real estate.

He has been a champion of diversity and has committed himself to supporting and promoting the cultural identity and voice of the British Asian community, both in the UK and overseas.
Having set-up the country’s first dedicated Sikh Channel, Tony now proudly runs BritAsia TV – a platform that showcases the best of Asian talent within television, music, cultural arts and beyond. With an average viewership of more than 5million+ a month across UK, Asia, Europe, Africa, Canada and the US, BritAsia serves as a formidable reminder of the power and creativity within the Asian community.

Tony is also the driving force behind BritAsia Academy, a hands on learning approach to help people get into the broadcast industry, they run intense training bootcamps, upskill the workforce and steer students towards meaningful employment within the broadcast Industry.

Most recently, Tony has set up BritAsia fund with the sole purpose of giving back to the wider community. By investing in start-ups and SME’s he has given guidance, resource, and opportunities to countless local businesses’, providing a roadmap for entrepreneurship and success.

Tony Shergill
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